unification church

A Pennsylvania church invited couples to bring their AR-15 guns to a “blessing ceremony,” inviting criticism from community members and gun control activists.
For decades, Japanese authorities have looked the other way when families have attempted to force adult children to recant their religious faith by abducting them and subjecting them to physical and psychological coercion.
Njogu, like many in the movement, believes celibacy is too onerous a vow. The fledgling group has churches in Kenya, Ghana
In addition to raising funds for scholarships, Berndt travels to Gambia to continue her summer program every year, which
The church's members, often accused of being cult members, have been nicknamed "the Moonies." Though more popular than the
The source told DCRTV that Preston Moon was close to shutting down the paper last Friday: Conservative newspaper The Washington
Washington Times executives are negotiating to sell the newspaper, after the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's family cut off most of
Moon frequently paired off people from different countries as part of his aim to create a multicultural religious world. "I
Read the full Media Matters column here. Indeed, the woeful daily has for decades stood at the center of a Beltway marriage