Fair & Lovely — soon to be called Glow & Lovely — has long been criticized as racist for promoting light-colored skin as the standard of beauty in South Asia.
The consumer goods company, which owns brands like Dove Soap and Lipton tea, joins a growing advertising boycott against Facebook.
The cream, primarily sold in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, is changing to celebrate a "greater diversity of beauty."
Unilever, Nivea, Garnier and Neutrogena are among the companies selling products that lighten skin.
"Workplace diversity is no longer just a good thing to do – it has become a business necessity."
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Fixing that will take some bold new ideas.
The company is also investing $50 million to help women of color entrepreneurs.
A black model is defending the Dove ad she appeared in after it was largely criticized as racist.
Several major companies announce a new push to remove gender stereotypes from commercials.
How do you fix a problem if the people in power don’t see a problem?
This advantage, however, should not be taken for granted. In some sectors, local players are lifting their game. China's
No matter how dispirited anyone may be about problems facing the world, there is an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution.
This has been a year when many women have spoken out about the discrimination and violence that is still a reality for millions of women and girls around the world.
The 2015 Paris Agreement - recently ratified by both the US and China - sent a clear sign that the governments of this world