Traveling by car with my 13-year-old daughter to visit the Southwest's magnificent national parks gave us ample time for listening to the new remix of Let's Talk about Sex (Baby). I would have preferred to listen to public radio, but we made that grand compromise years ago.
The decision to terminate a pregnancy can be complex, it can be simple, or it can just be what is best for the person in that moment. As a doctor and abortion provider, it is my duty to convey why the right to access safe and legal abortion matters.
A population explosion, a drought, and a draining aquifer. Add uncaring leadership, and this is the tragedy of Syria, from which refugees flee into a reluctant Europe, the latest example of how ever more people and extreme weather are creating resource conflicts and refugees worldwide.
A variety of factors contributed to the decline. In Mississippi, which has the second highest teen birth rate in the country
Misinformation may be to blame for some of the unplanned pregnancies in this country. Gloria Malone, a former teen mom, joined
Our little where-will-the-baby-sleep quandary made me think about a much larger and more intractable problem: overpopulation and our family's small contribution to it. There are more than 7 billion people on Earth today, with another 375,000 born every day.
This week is National Sex Ed Week, and for the first time in 20 years, we're celebrating it knowing New York City will now require sex education to be taught in schools.
Moves to increase access to preventative services are just common sense, including in the area of contraception.
Rep. Pete Degraaf (R-Mulvane), in response, compared an accidental pregnancy to a flat tire. Now, in addition to forcing
When I think about adoption, I imagine it's changed -- opened up -- in part because legal abortion exists. Adoption can be a more freely chosen option than it was during those back alley days.
Abortion, as we know from the health care debate, is about having the right values. Contraception is about women's real needs. It is time we change the subject back.
The irony of Stupak's efforts to hold the legislation hostage is that his proposals are unlikely to effect a single pregnancy , while the health care bill he tried to derail, by enhancing contraceptive access, could prevent dramatically more.
The areas of the country that have embraced the new "blue" model of family life have seen teen birth and divorce rates plummet. In contrast, "red" marriage promotion, which tries to control sex rather than childbearing, is a proven failure.
Want to know how to win a culture war? Don't fight one.
Let's not forget that "yes we can" applies to realizing a sexually healthy tomorrow.
In a never before attempted event, the Obama administration merged dozens of leaders from the pro-choice and pro-life movements onto one conference call line and, wisely, muted us.
There has been a reported 50-percent increase in vasectomies, and many of the soon-to-be-sterile men are telling their doctors the economy made them do it.
I hope that this important gesture signals the beginning of a new approach and a new path toward finding some real solutions to decrease the number of abortions in this country and around the world.
The call to reduce unintended pregnancies is the right one. What we must focus on now are the means: sex education (not abstinence-only) and universal access to contraceptive services.
Life is precious. John McCain believes that, Barack Obama believes that, Sarah Palin believes that, and so does Joe Biden. In fact, I'm not sure I have ever met a person who believes otherwise.