union square farmers market

Michael wanted to make a plan, wanted to know what he'd be doing for the winter. He started thinking about those farmer-training programs he'd read about, and decided to apply.
Markets are some of the few remaining places where people of different economic classes still interact.
New Yorkers may seem disconnected. In actuality, though, it takes amazing stores of inner fortitude to exist in these self-contained worlds. People are accustomed to themselves and each other on levels people living far apart just aren't. They cannot isolate or hide from each other here.
From the stroller pusher to the person who touches everything.
The bounty before the breach, the treasure trove of the dirt farmer, the end-of-season Union Square greenmarket. An eager gatherer, I approach the market with two empty canvas bags and a pocket full of cash.
Unlike some other ways of cooking ribs, this is not about smoke and seasoning: it's about the meat, its fat and its juices.
Kennon Kay is a normal twenty-something New Yorker, but only in New York can you start your day feeding chickens and end it circling the block for a parking space.2012-02-07-pullquote1.jpg
We definitely love our "slow food" in New York -- we just love to get it fast and eat it on the run!
Erin Barnett 


 LocalHarvest I spent the weekend thinking about what motivates people to join CSAs. 'Tis the
If global climate change is a product of humans, then farmers must join with everyone else to make serious changes in how they do business. The nation's food supply hangs in the balance.
There is perhaps no better supplier for locavore eating then farmers markets for from farm to fork dining. There are 5,274
Greenmarket has been bringing fresh and local produce to New York's streets since 1976, long before the terms Slow Food, locavores