union square hospitality group

It's a heartening sign of change in the notoriously low-paying restaurant industry.
Skip the socks and tie. Instead, ask him to talk.
The man behind Union Square Cafe and Gramercy Tavern says it's a "bold decision for our team and our guests."
Despite the human element that will always exist in the hospitality industry, behind the scenes a technology boom is exploding around everything from reservations to produce sourcing to customer information to loyalty programs.
Shake Shack has a chance to be known for more than just burgers: It could also be a role model for the fast-food industry.
If the association between a company and a cause, or the social impact of the company's action does not resonate with consumers and other stakeholders, what is the point of the best-laid plans?
"I realized that some of the juices, if you broke them down to their parts and didn't juice them, would make a lovely salad
What is it with people and free food? A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to remind myself why I will do anything to avoid the "reception immediately following" portion of any event I attend.