3. Uniqlo When most people go to a restaurant, they go for the food. We licensing experts view the world through an additional
Articles that mislead Whether recognized or not, Zara is doing a lot of marketing To fit its positioning, Zara creates 500
All of you Faithful Shoppers take shopping very seriously. There is nothing more satisfying then finding that perfect something with the perfect pedigree and... gasp... reduced in price! Here are some of my favorite haunts to find all that is haute at a delightful discount.
It gets that "modesty" means different things to different women.
The communications industry is at a disorienting crossroad, with two concurrent models competing for minds and resources.
If China fails to turbocharge its capacity to innovate, the country will experience a hard economic landing and social stability will be threatened. But can China evolve into an innovation powerhouse? The jury is out.
The tech world and the fashion industry are colliding.
Chinese marketers - indeed, marketers everywhere -- need to "rebuild" corporate structures to align assets. True, "pain from change" is unavoidable. But downward vortex of commoditization will be more difficult to bear.
Uniqlo on Monday launched a "Star Wars"-inspired T-shirt collection featuring 23 tees designed by various artists who submitted
In the last week, U.S. discount department store Target has announced a retreat from Canada four years after opening there, closing 133 stores, ending 17,600 jobs, and burning US$2 billion in cash. What went wrong?
The explosion of digital platforms is causing many marketers to rethink how they engage with consumers. But sometimes in their hurry to embrace the digital world, companies often lose their way and forget the basic principles of good marketing and branding.
Tokyo superstores BicQlo, Shinjuku; Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara, and Don Quijote, just about anywhere in town; are big fun. They've refined the concept of 'shop 'til you drop' to the point where you can reach true retail exhaustion without ever leaving the building.
As of February, J.Crew, run by former Gap Inc CEO Mickey Drexler, operated 330 retail stores, including 257 J. Crew retail
Fast Retailing, the parent company of Uniqlo, is the largest apparel retailer in Asia. In recent years, chief executive Tadashi
Lynn Domercant, a chipper 19-year-old working at the Brooklyn store, said her daily tasks were similar at her previous job