Unitarian Universalism

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Victoria received a warm welcome at the Victoria Islamic Center.
At present, authorities have few leads in the disturbing case.
“It is time for spiritual people to get active and the activist people to get spiritual. I think we need both now.  In order
A new report shows U.S. Christian and Jewish leaders are as politically divided as the rest of us.
Pete Seeger once said about Woody Guthrie’s music, “Any damn fool can get complicated. It takes genius to attain simplicity
Ever since becoming a teenager, I felt that I had strayed from the path of faith, God, and the like.
Yes, America needs more taco trucks. We also need more Asian festivals, more pow-wows, more African American poetry, more old time fiddle music, hip hop and banghra, more mosques and temples and gurdwaras, more Humanist societies, more diverse churches of every stripe.