united auto workers

Organized labor is divided in a pivotal Democratic primary.
For millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet, there is great urgency in reversing the trends that have left them
Stakes in the hard-fought contest were much higher than a few thousand new union members.
The billionaire Tesla CEO, an adviser to President Donald Trump, firmly opposes his workers' efforts to unionize.
NAFTA and the TPP are giant greenbacks for multinational corporations. CEOs close U.S. factories, destroy the lives of American workers and collect bigger profits as a result of the less-than-subsistence wages they pay foreign labor.
UAW officials could direct members to stop work at any time if talks hit an impasse.
Which outcome has the better odds of succeeding? The UAW forcing the Big Three to adhere to an "equal pay for equal work" format and return to a one-tier wage format, or the Big Three eventually implementing a third, fourth, fifth and sixth wage tier? Not to sound defeatist, but I think we know the answer.