united auto workers

For millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet, there is great urgency in reversing the trends that have left them
Stakes in the hard-fought contest were much higher than a few thousand new union members.
The billionaire Tesla CEO, an adviser to President Donald Trump, firmly opposes his workers' efforts to unionize.
NAFTA and the TPP are giant greenbacks for multinational corporations. CEOs close U.S. factories, destroy the lives of American workers and collect bigger profits as a result of the less-than-subsistence wages they pay foreign labor.
UAW officials could direct members to stop work at any time if talks hit an impasse.
Which outcome has the better odds of succeeding? The UAW forcing the Big Three to adhere to an "equal pay for equal work" format and return to a one-tier wage format, or the Big Three eventually implementing a third, fourth, fifth and sixth wage tier? Not to sound defeatist, but I think we know the answer.
But Karra Greenberg, a doctoral student in sociology at UCLA, said a vote in favor of BDS would undermine the union's own
It is unfortunate that few Americans know much about labor history and the Reuther brothers, who built the United Auto Workers union that transformed the broader labor movement and helped build the nation's middle class.
The union said in a statement that the decision was made "in the best interests" of the plant's employees, Volkswagen and
From billboards linking the UAW and Detroit to a state senator's warnings that unionization could threaten the plant's tax incentives, the battle lines between pro- and anti-union forces extended far past the Chattanooga factory floor where about 1,500 workers toil each day.
Union officials and labor experts have described politicians' involvement in the UAW election as unprecedented. In addition
Most of the workers in the bargaining unit are cashiers, gas pump attendants and maintenance workers. Their grievances, according
This post has been updated with a statement from Sen. Corker. In its appeal, the UAW cited Corker's statement and said the
"If co-determination isn't guaranteed in the first place, we as workers will hardly be able to vote in favor" of building
To be sure, a host of other factors are contributing to the rise of income inequality in the U.S., including wage stagnation
Civil rights and human rights groups, democracy groups, and progressive labor all need to rally against Corker and his allies and on behalf of the courageous leaders of the UAW in the Chattanooga plant.