United Automobile Workers

Promising manufacturing jobs at a campaign stop in Michigan, Biden unloaded on the president for mismanaging a pandemic that's ravaged the economy.
The four-year investigation has resulted in charges against a dozen individuals for illegal payouts to union officials.
The work stoppage lasted 40 days and was the longest the auto industry had seen in two decades.
"Roy A. McCombs tragically lost his life today on a picket line standing up for a better life for himself and his coworkers," the union said.
A union council still needs to approve it in order to bring a painful work stoppage to a close.
The biggest auto industry work stoppage in decades is wrapping up its fourth week with no deal on the horizon.
General Motors now says company-funded benefits will continue uninterrupted during the work stoppage of nearly 50,000 workers.
The company has stopped paying for health insurance but says the union's strike policy is retroactive so nobody really went without.
There are almost 50,000 United Auto Workers on strike, making it the largest auto strike in a decade.
The union will be covering the cost of COBRA during the lapse.