United Cerebral Palsy

It was going from being confined to a wheelchair in her home for 10 years to hitting the open road for three weeks on a motorcycle that got our attention. This was no ordinary "survivor story."
Imagine for a moment that, when you try to communicate, no one can understand you. You might feel frustrated and lonely. Many of those with disabilities can feel isolated and at a loss for community; but it doesn't have to be that way.
One of my most desperate wishes for Max is for people to quit pitying him or being wary of him and just see him as a kid, period.
Loreen Arbus has made it her mission to honor the work of the caregiver, 'the unsung heroines," whose kindness comes in all manners of form to help transform lives, yet who are still so severely unappreciated.
The looming budget cuts remind me of the old Prop 13 days. The state of California is getting ready to cut the civil rights of the disabled and no one seems to notice.