United Daughters of the Confederacy

As a recent Southern transplant, the glut of patriotic Confederate memorabilia was off-putting.
Soon after he was identified, accused domestic terrorist James Alex Fields Jr.’s early Nazi sympathies were made public by
The more significant outcome is that it marks the end of a Confederate legacy--and not just one that commemorates white southern
By removing these relics of the past to a space where those who wish to honor their heritage may do so, current state officials can help clear away the clutter of divisiveness so that all citizens may engage with their government unencumbered by the symbols of white supremacy.
As ARLNow reports, Old Jefferson Davis Highway is in awful shape. But the county is gearing up to rebuild the road and rename
In 2002, Wallace Earl Cook threatened to "cut [the] heart out" of Vanderbilt University's chancellor, Gordon Gee, because