United Kingdom

From global trade tensions, to Brexit to the fires in the Amazon rainforest, leaders struggled to find common ground on the world's pressing problems.
A skydiver shocked bystanders after they watched him lose control of his parachute.
Shocked bystanders watched a skydiver crashing after he lost control of his parachute.
Buckingham Palace issued a statement after footage emerged of the Duke of York inside Epstein's mansion.
The Sunday Times obtained documents showing that Britain will face shortages if it leaves the European Union without a transition deal.
Pro-democracy protests forced the cancellation of nearly 1,000 flights this week.
Hundreds of flights had been disrupted over the past two days as protesters clashed with riot police in a deepening crisis in the Chinese-controlled city.
“If that is the decision of the British government we would support it enthusiastically,” the national security adviser said.
As other Western democracies take steps to prevent violent far-right extremism, the Trump administration is moving backward.
Research showed that with a human staring at them, herring gulls took 21 seconds longer to approach a bag of chips than when left apparently unobserved.
The "Star Wars" villain is soaring over the skies of southwest England this weekend.
The country stole the money from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a United Nations report.
Facebook said it had suspended more than 350 accounts and pages with about 1.4 million followers.
The distributor of Elton John's musical biopic, however, said it "respects" the government's rules.
Ex–child advocate Carl Beech said he'd been abused by a murderous pedophile ring, but it turned out he was the pedophile.
Helen Mirren’s acting is what made her famous, but she’s also known for her hilarious banter.
Franky Zapata was knocked into the water as he landed on a boat-mounted refueling platform.
The ship's 23 crew members, who are from India, Latvia, the Philippines and Russia, were in "good health," Iranian state TV reported Sunday.
The airlines did not elaborate on the reason behind Saturday's sudden suspension.
Uproar was sparked in part by leaked controversial and vulgar text messages between the governor and his closest allies.