United Mine Workers

Conor Lamb can thank organized labor if he wins in Tuesday's special election against Republican Rick Saccone.
The Washington Post owner wants to make it easier to get rid of workers and cut severance pay.
Soon-to-expire health benefits for coal miners are shaping up to be a flashpoint in the government-funding debate.
Like the song made famous by country music legend, Loretta Lynn, I was a Coal Miner's Daughter. My Dad, Angelo Bruno, worked in the deep, dark, damp coal mines of Northeastern Pennsylvania from the time he was 15 years old.
Trumka is an ambitious, smart man and it was unthinkable that he or other UMWA leaders would hire a contract killer as Blankenship suggests may have happened.
The United Mine Workers is suing Peabody and Arch, saying they can't walk away from their obligations. But this isn't the first time coal companies have figured out a way to avoid social responsibility.
Have you ever heard of this landmark event in American history, the Battle of Blair Mountain, the largest armed rebellion in America since the Civil War? And if not, then why not?
Maria Gunnoe's fight to stop MTR and transform the Appalachian Mountains into a wind energy powerhouse attracted filmmaker Bill Haney and his partners, who feature her in their documentary, The Last Mountain.
Will they publicly release their comments in thanks of the legacy of our nation's great coal mining struggles for justice
Here is the dirty little secret the GOP doesn't want you to know: The four extreme right wing Supreme Court justices are as activist as any judges can get.
And what about the National Park Service, and Interim Keeper of the National Register, Carol Shull--should they be investigated
Verizon and a British Lord are joining forces to deny climate change and fight unions.