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Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals is happening in many forms. It is not exclusively because of those who hold
Kristalina Georgieva, Bulgaria's Eleventh-Hour Candidate for UN Secretary-General While Americans and many in the world have
Recently GOP frontrunner Donald Trump suggested the United States should stop sending foreign aid to countries that hate us. He has called development investments in Afghanistan wasteful, suggesting that the funds should instead be used to rebuild our own country.
Non-profit partners and developers are essential to the experience Individuals can train to become docents of virtual museums
The news about the United Nations that makes its way into the media shows only a fraction of what the organization does. And usually it is focused narrowly on international crises and the international community's inability to do much about them.
Combating climate change is a key issue for us, and over the next 12 months the Foundation will be galvanizing momentum for
"If you tell people that the problem of poverty only requires more money, then it means we can't talk about corruption and
Rather than simply handing out glasses, we worked to train individuals in developing countries to conduct vision screenings, educate their neighbors about the importance of eye care, and sell high-quality, low-cost glasses to their communities.
I have always known that entrepreneurs were risk takers: they make visions into reality by developing new products, processes and markets. So what happens when all the definitions for entrepreneurship merge?
The question should not be, "Why must we pay attention to women's economic empowerment?" Instead, the question should be, "How can we afford to not pay attention to women's economic empowerment?"