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The world community possesses the ability to end the abominable war in Syria. The only question is whether it possesses the will to do it.
"The first thing we need to do is find a way in which we can 'freeze' the situation in Aleppo. These people have been under siege for two years. The city is very close to collapsing. If we do not do anything and the city collapses, it could fall into the hands of ISIS, which is only 20 kilometers away, and that would be an even bigger tragedy."
While Ban's words may not stop any further clashes, he echoes the concerns of an alarmed world -- and that may have some resonance with the combatants. All of these UN activities demonstrate in myriad ways the importance of the organization in ameliorating the dangers of spiraling crises and arriving at solutions that can help tamp down conflicts and stop escalation.
"The living conditions are very primitive," said Ammar Mousa, managing coordinator for Syrian Relief Authority's efforts
The officials, who briefed a group of reporters on condition of anonymity, said the United States would instead insist that
A report by United Nations inspectors probing an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria will "probably" be published on
MOSCOW, Sept 10 (Reuters) - Russia told France on Tuesday that a proposal to adopt a U.N. Security Council resolution holding
KERRY'S RHETORICAL REMARKS? "Should Dr Sellstrom's report confirm the use of chemical weapons, then this would surely be
PARIS, Sept 8 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday the United States did not rule out the possibility
Asked about those comments, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the Security Council needed to be used. U.S