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Pigs have long been a tantalizing source of transplants because their organs are so similar to humans.
The Facts: On average, 22 people die a day, waiting for a transplant. Over 100,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant
He lived for almost 59 years with his first heart, for nine years with the second one and for a full 15 years with his third heart. But each heart was a Big Heart and with each heart Richard ("Dick") A. Harbourt lived life to the fullest.
Stan Harbourt, a cousin of Dick Harbourt and a good friend of mine, perhaps says it best. "I am honored to be Dick's cousin
Still clutching my wad of soggy Kleenex, I sit in the overflow ward of the emergency room while Patrick's body is prepared for the coroner. I stare silently at the row of vacant beds until the social worker returns. "Have you given any thought to the possibility of organ or tissue donation?" he inquires.
Aug. 29, 2006, is the day that Ted Cochran says changed his life. It was on that day, after years of battling the effects