United State of Women

In June I had the privilege of attending the White House's historic United State of Women Summit and it was impossible not to be inspired for the future of women in business and beyond. Seeing the great Dina Powell of Goldman Sachs moderating a conversation with Warren Buffet in front of thousands of the most-accomplished and ambitious businesswomen in America and countless more tuning in remotely was as humbling as it was reassuring.
Spend your summer like Hillary and Michelle are: running a winning campaign strategy for yourself. Running like there's no tomorrow. Running with impunity. Running to be the boss. And running for the women of 2084. They deserve better than you got, and your running will help them get it.
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the United State of Women Summit in Washington DC. The summit was hosted by the White House and featured the most unbelievable lineup of speakers (Warren Buffett, Oprah, POTUS, Connie Britton, Michelle Obama, Amy Poehler, Shonda Rhimes, Billie Jean King...and the list goes on and on), plus 5,000 women from all over the country convening in one place to talk about our collective favorite topic: women!!!!
On June 14, I was honored to moderate a panel of nine truly spectacular women at The United State of Women summit presented
For more than 20 years, Women for Women International has worked to support survivors of such violence in war and conflict
The shooting in Orlando was the deadliest attack on American soil since 911. An estimated 50 people died, and many more injured at the hands of a gunman.
Not this year, the "Scandal" star said, but maybe in four more.
They want the president to make it easier for women raped in conflict to access abortions.
There's no better time to raise our voices for the rights of women and girls in the United States than now. That is why we are elated to join thousands of other women and girls' advocates at the historic United State of Women Summit on June 14.