United States Air Force

The military aircraft in question is often used by members of the Cabinet and Congress.
Army leaders say they can’t directly pin the increase on the pandemic, but the timing coincides.
An investigation into the shooting, which left a pilot with a minor injury, is now underway, authorities said.
The Air Force’s updated policy sets new grooming and uniform standards for members who wear turbans, hijabs and beards for religious reasons.
U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Cole Condiff, 29, is presumed dead after an unplanned parachute jump off Florida’s Panhandle last week.
Clients were given the option of hiding the Trump name on the Sikorsky helicopter in a bid to boost business, The Scotsman reported.
Barbara Barrett wouldn't say whether it is inappropriate for the service to spend tax dollars at the president's properties.
The rocket sled hit Mach 8.6 in a recent test run in New Mexico.
"We must ... be considerate of perceptions of not being good stewards of taxpayer funds," the Air Force said in a statement.
More than 2 million Facebook users have RSVP'd to storm the U.S. Air Force base. Communities are now wondering whether they will show up.