United States Army

"Now is this patriot enough?” asked Ohio official Lee Wong, after lifting his shirt to reveal the scars he got from serving in the U.S. Army.
Duke Webb, a 37-year-old U.S. Army serviceman, was taken into custody after the shooting at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford.
The president engages in a battle that even the Army isn't fully behind.
The phony texts order recipients, including a 14-year-old girl, to report for war or face jail.
The Chinese app “is considered a cyber threat,” an Army spokeswoman said Monday.
As foreign governments continue to attack U.S. elections, state and local officials are becoming the primary defenders of American democracy.
President Donald Trump called Major Matthew Golsteyn, who was accused of murder, a "hero"
The soldier allegedly discussed traveling to Ukraine to join an extremist group.
The Army also "manned the air and rammed the ramparts," Trump said at the Lincoln Memorial.
The Army asked how serving the country affected military members. It received devastating stories in return.