United States Attorney General

The attorney general reportedly wisecracked amid an escalating constitutional crisis.
The attorney general made the joke during a farewell ceremony for the deputy attorney general.
Barr, now attorney general, drew fire during his confirmation hearings over a memo he wrote last year that was critical of Mueller's probe.
Barr said the attorney general has "flexibility and discretion" on what findings to make public.
Barr reportedly described the special counsel's probe into potential obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump as "fatally misconceived."
Muslim, Christian, Jewish and secular groups issued a joint letter opposing acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.
Whitaker has been leading the Justice Department after Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this month.
A lot of GOP senators went radio silent on Trump's suggestion that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should do his bidding.
A new Pew report on guns simply tells advocates what they want to hear.
The president’s recent attacks against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, preceded
Noah asks, "Do you think Mitch McConnell realized what a solid he's done you?"
Yates said she was not "convinced that the Executive Order is lawful."
Jeff Sessions presents a clear and present danger to American justice in general and immigrants’ rights in particular.