United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Catholic Church and other conservative Christian groups have successfully reframed the religious freedom debate.
On September 24, the world became a little poorer. Barbara Blaine, who to me embodied the Catholic social justice gospel
Rev. José H. Gomez, the archbishop of Los Angeles, called the announcement “a national tragedy."
The defeat in the Senate of the “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act was a major victory — one brought about through
The sisters say they are "united in opposition to the current Republican health care proposals.”
“Even if the government ultimately decides that we ‘may’ discriminate against a person, the question for me is, ‘Should we?’”
Giving more autonomy to Catholic bishops might make things worse, not better, at least for progressive Catholics.
They were once some of the health care act's staunchest foes.
Our government shouldn't give a religious organization millions of dollars if it refused to provide access to reproductive health care, especially when it promised it wouldn't do so. Alas, the government has broken its promise, and that broken promise could harm trafficking victims.