United States Congress

Gig workers finally got unemployment benefits, but lawmakers are looking for a permanent policy.
The massive package faces an unclear path forward in Congress, where members of both parties are already voicing criticism.
As Republicans seek to shrink the White House's $3 trillion package, some powerful Democrats are laying out an even more ambitious vision.
More than 70 House Democrats have co-sponsored the resolution to expel the far-right conspiracy theorist. It has zero Republican support.
Republicans eagerly supported Donald Trump when he circumvented Congress on the border wall. Now they say Joe Biden can't do the same.
Weird Senate rules have made the $1,400 fair game for private collection.
Other parts of their relief bill would send cash to most households and could reshape the economy for years.
Harry Miller was indicted on federal charges accusing him of threatening to murder members of Congress and shoot Black people to "keep them in line."
Dole had a long career in the U.S. Congress that included serving as Senate majority leader.
The coming weeks — and likely the coming months and years — will force lawmakers to work through the many unanswered questions about the attack.