United States Constitution

Twitter users have a civics lesson for Trump after his latest complaint.
When unelected staff appropriate the mechanisms of national policy and fail to use proper constitutional procedures, they per se create a constitutional crisis.
Matt Rosendale's ad talks about gun rights and the Constitution's Second Amendment while showing Article II, which deals with the executive branch.
The court ruled the map so egregiously benefited Republicans that it violated the U.S. Constitution.
“I believe he will carefully adhere to the Constitution and will take his job to protect individual liberty seriously," the senator said.
What happens when the president learns the high court’s authority over him is not written in the Constitution?
The civil liberties group says Ohio's map is so heavily gerrymandered, it violates the Constitution.
A U.S. District Judge ruled that assault weapons covered by the 1998 law fall outside the scope of the Second Amendment.
For decades, women have been fighting for an equal rights amendment. Gun owners, mostly men, have had the Second Amendment for centuries.
The dismissal marks a victory for the president.