United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

The DC Circuit ruled the administration can't block pregnant teenagers who are undocumented from obtaining abortions, in line with Supreme Court precedent.
Will Democrats investigate or impeach the D.C. Circuit judge if they get a chance?
Trump's Supreme Court nominee spent years defending the government's right to imprison some people without charge.
But the Justice Department immediately moves to appeal the case of one 17-year-old.
The ruling tosses out a decision by a panel of federal appeals court judges.
The 17-year-old received permission from a state judge on Sept. 25 to make her own decision about her pregnancy. But the government won't let her carry it out.
Floyd Abrams, who represented Senator Mitch McConnell in the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case, wrote an op-ed in
A lower court previously ruled that the government must allow "Jane Doe" to undergo the procedure on Friday or Saturday.
The rule of law does not inhibit commerce; it makes it possible.
Fourteen unarmed Iraqi civilians were killed at a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007.
States have standing to fight a lawsuit threatening billions in funding for health insurers, an appeals court said.