United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Whether the court agrees is a question of law -- and what risks the liberal-leaning justices are willing to take.
The 5th Circuit Court said the ban is unconstitutional because a fetus would not be viable at 15 weeks.
They hate the Affordable Care Act, but they also want no part of this latest lawsuit.
Next stop is the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is full of conservative judges.
A lower court said the law was still discriminatory.
The Senate confirmed a record number of his lifetime circuit court judges. Many are anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ.
  For many of us who have lived through a decades-long fight for recognition and public condemnation of sexual harassment
Republicans repeatedly used the tradition to block President Obama's judicial nominees.
Critics say the Texas law was tailored to make it harder for minorities and immigrants to vote.
The president was the one who chose to end DACA protections for young undocumented immigrants.
The question of whether the family of a 15-year-old Mexican national killed near the border can sue the agent who shot him will return to the 5th Circuit.
Where Trump's lies about massive voter fraud merge with the law.