United States Department of Agriculture

Hundreds of other inspectors have either tested positive for the coronavirus or are under self-quarantine because of suspected exposure.
Officials estimate about 700,000 pigs nationwide being killed each week, disposed of in landfills or composted.
The pandemic is speeding up a major change to the federal safety net.
Living in crowded dorms with no space to quarantine the sick, farm laborers are "petrified."
The USDA said states already have enough flexibility to waive the new rule in light of the coronavirus outbreak.
This White House doesn't like people working from home, but the threat of COVID-19 is forcing a change in policy.
The Trump agenda: tighter standards for food benefits, looser ones for farm programs.
There's been a long-running war over potatoes in federal programs.
The move is announced on the birthday of Michelle Obama, champion of nutritious food for America's children.
The Trump administration wants a short time limit on benefits for unemployed adults without children or disabilities.