United States Department of Defense

A years-long investigation found a series of misconduct from Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson.
A report released two months ago concluded that Black service members in the Air Force are more likely to be investigated, arrested, and be discharged for misconduct.
President Biden made history by nominating Austin. But picking a retired general also threatens the bedrock democratic principle of civilian control of the military.
"It’s nothing short of irresponsible," the president-elect said Monday.
“This is some crazy thinking going on inside that White House," warned Gen. Barry McCaffrey.
The case will not be argued before the winter and it's unclear how the outcome of the presidential election would affect the case.
A Washington Post report shows most of the money given to the Department of Defense to fight coronavirus went to defense contractors.
Questions have mounted about whether the Trump administration is rushing out the vaccine to help the president’s reelection chances.
Stars and Stripes, which first started publishing during the Civil War, was initially scheduled to shutter its newsroom by the end of September.