United States Department of Defense

A Washington Post report shows most of the money given to the Department of Defense to fight coronavirus went to defense contractors.
Questions have mounted about whether the Trump administration is rushing out the vaccine to help the president’s reelection chances.
Stars and Stripes, which first started publishing during the Civil War, was initially scheduled to shutter its newsroom by the end of September.
A Pentagon consultant made the revelation to The New York Times.
Glenn Fine had been tasked with monitoring the federal government’s coronavirus relief spending before being removed last month.
Navy officials confirmed the videos' existence last fall while insisting at the time that the footage should never have been made public.
“We asked whether the Army has coronavirus testing kits physically at all bases abroad. They are still unable to tell us [a] yes or no answer."
They're conducting lessons online, but still being asked to do it from school.
The president declared in a memo that gutting the unions would bring "maximum flexibility."