United States Department of Labor

The administration's "joint employer" rule could help big corporations like McDonald's avoid wage theft claims. Now its future is in doubt.
The U.S. economy has recovered about half the 22 million jobs lost to the coronavirus pandemic.
The number of initial claims has exceeded 1 million most weeks since late March.
The economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to spiral, according to the Department of Labor's latest jobs report.
The latest string of layoffs follows the expiration of a $600 weekly federal payment that provided critical support for millions of laid-off Americans.
The inspector general's report also criticized the department's "lax enforcement of wage and hour laws" at a time when workers desperately need support.
Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia is letting states deny unemployment benefits even to people at risk of severe COVID-19 illness.
New jobless claims have declined since hitting a record 6.867 million in late March.
Workers receiving unemployment are wrongly told they have to go back to work despite serious health conditions.
More workers should be allowed to remain on unemployment while this pandemic is still spreading, according to Senate Democrats.