United States Department of State

Ramez Alghazzouli and Asmaa Khadem Al Arbaiin say they believe this site's coverage helped put pressure on the State Department.
At least 10 dogs have perished from medical problems. The State Department sent more, a federal report said.
The employee, Matthew Q. Gebert, allegedly oversaw a chapter of a white nationalist group and hosted white nationalists at his home.
Chuck Park, who worked in the State Department for nearly a decade, says he's seen no signs of the so-called Deep State — only the "Complacent State."
Derek Mize and Jonathan Gregg of Georgia filed the lawsuit on behalf of their daughter Simone, who was born in England via surrogate.
Human rights groups have criticized the effort as a means to rein in protections for marginalized groups.
“It makes me angry,” said the former Trump official, who was fired in March 2018, during a closed-door interview with Congress.
Of all the refugees who were admitted into the U.S. 2018, only 17% were Muslim, compared with 66% of Christian refugees who were admitted.
At least nine American tourists have died suddenly on the island within the past year.
Rep. Frank Pallone urged officials to investigate the "highly suspicious" circumstances surrounding a spate of American tourist deaths.
The Trump administration said it will not allow new funding to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala until those countries reduce migrant flows to the U.S.
17 Democrats urged the Trump administration to explain why it is reversing policies on Pride Month.
There's no mention of it in State Department declaration, and Mexican officials told Bloomberg News they were not aware of it.
Mexico promised to deploy troops throughout its country months before Trump threatened a tariff, The New York Times reported.
The White House stepped in when the State Department refused to cut comments about "potentially catastrophic" warming from an analyst's House testimony.
Embassies had previously flown the rainbow flag in June in support of LGBTQ Pride Month.
The State Department's “discriminatory misinterpretation of U.S. law” harms American families, 19 senators wrote.
Under a new State Department policy, visa applicants to the U.S. will need to submit their social media usernames, email addresses and phone numbers.
The State Department said Washington would "respond quickly and appropriately" if Assad was found to have launched a chemical weapon attack.