United States Department of the Interior

The president will be remembered for his war on protected wild places.
Democratic lawmakers are demanding a criminal investigation, saying political appointees "orchestrated a coverup to protect" Secretary David Bernhardt.
Ken Salazar's "lucrative spin through the revolving door" is reminiscent of the pay-to-play system that has grown under President Donald Trump.
"This type of cavalier and callous indifference for human safety is unacceptable," said Democratic Sens. Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley and Elizabeth Warren.
The administration is purging inspectors general from U.S. agencies. But these oversight officials have faced a slow strangling since Trump took office.
The restoration effort, which the president's first Interior chief supported, called for returning some 200 grizzly bears to the wilds of the North Cascades.
A high-ranking agency official jumped at the chance to discuss the department initiative with Steve Milloy, a zealous science denier.
Newly released documents highlight the degree to which industry has shaped the rules that police it under the Trump administration.
The ex-Utah congressman, who in 2017 proposed selling off 3 million acres of public land, is on a mission to ensure people can flood national parks during a pandemic.