United States Department of the Interior

A 2020 legal memo gave North Dakota ownership of mineral rights beneath the section of the Missouri River that flows through the Fort Berthold Reservation.
The Senate confirmed the congresswoman to lead the Interior Department, putting an Indigenous woman in charge of stewarding America's public lands.
“I think we need to be honest with ourselves about what is going on here,” Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn.) plans to say on the Senate floor Monday.
Lisa Murkowski and Don Young back Biden's historic interior secretary nominee. So do tribes in their state. Where's the Republican senator?
It might bring in fossil fuel donations, but it won't likely keep the New Mexico congresswoman from becoming the first Native American Cabinet secretary.
Experts worry it's only a matter of time before Biden's environmental agenda collides with anti-government militias.
Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined Democrats in advancing Biden's historic pick to lead the agency.
The Maine senator is the first Republican to support Biden's historic pick to lead the federal agency with oversight of public lands and tribal obligations.
They quizzed the Cabinet nominee extensively about fossil fuels, showing what one Native American advocate called their "allegiance" to that industry.
Senate Republicans are really going all in on the idea that Joe Biden's pick to lead the Interior Department is a "radical."