United States farm bill

Farmers already are struggling with years of falling incomes, and more of them are seeking mental healthcare than before.
Trump signed a new farm bill into law that will legalize hemp, a non-intoxicating form of cannabis, in all 50 states.
For almost 50 years, hemp has been considered a Schedule I substance alongside more potent strains of marijuana. Congress is finally set to change that.
President Trump's tweets weren't enough to make it happen.
Negotiators wanted to keep the pressure on by not doing a short-term extension. But it's rural lawmakers who are feeling the pressure most.
Questions will remain about how to test hemp and how to treat new products.
Americans rely on low-wage workers every day while the House GOP shreds their social safety net.
A fight over immigration ended up tanking the farm bill.
An amendment threatens farm animal protections, food safety laws and rules on invasive species.
The GOP bill would lower income limits for some SNAP recipients and raise them for certain agricultural subsidies.
Activism does not require perfection.
This week, I am excited to join a group of advocates and chefs from Food Policy Action, the National Resource Defense Council
Ready your tractors and plows—the farm bill is upon us. This omnibus package of legislation, reauthorized every 5 to 7 years