United States federal judge

The newly installed president prefers to fill those lifetime federal judgeships with his own picks, thank you very much.
The judges prohibited Wilbur Ross from excluding people in the country illegally when handing in 2020 census figures.
The federal judge spoke out for the first time about the fatal shooting at her home in New Jersey in an emotional video.
"There are plenty of issues we are concerned about," U.S. District Judge Cynthia Rufe, president of the Federal Judges Association, told USA Today.
HuffPost and MSNBC will be interviewing the candidates in New Hampshire about what their judicial picks will look like and how they'll work with Mitch McConnell.
Scott sunk Thomas Farr's nomination to the federal bench last year, and his stance could do so again.
Two federal judges in New York ruled that sex trafficking laws can be used in lawsuits against the disgraced movie mogul.
The ruling comes after abortion providers sued the Texas Attorney General.