United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Scott Daniel Warren is about to go on trial in Arizona on charges of harboring undocumented migrants.
A review and public comment process could lead to import restrictions on hunting trophies and body parts from giraffes.
“We’re going to fight this in any way possible," said Jamie Clark of Defenders of Wildlife.
Desire to protect hunter access appears to have more pull than concerns over trashed parks.
Steven Chancellor has been a big beneficiary of rollbacks of Obama-era prohibitions on hunting trophy imports.
The move comes just days before Idaho and Wyoming were set to allow the hunting of 23 bears.
No More Deaths says some volunteers face misdemeanor charges for supporting migrants on restricted federal lands.
And could threaten more than 100 species protected under the Endangered Species Act.
Environmental groups say the new policy encourages big-game hunters to kill African elephants for "cheap thrills."
The U.S. government will allow hunters to import elephant trophies on a case-by-case basis, breaking the president’s pledge.
Environmentalists say the proposal would push imperiled creatures further toward extinction.