United States Forest Service

Turns out Republicans didn't want to lose jobs and training centers in their districts.
The centers train disadvantaged kids for careers in public land conservation. Nine of 25 centers and more than 1,000 jobs are on the chopping block.
Dan Little tackled trashed bathrooms at Mt. Hood during the shutdown.
The panel of federal judges slammed the U.S. Forest Service for failing to protect national forest resources.
Wildfire-prone communities across the West want trees removed from public land, but timber companies aren't turning a profit.
The twin fires of the Mendocino Complex destroyed 280 structures, killed one firefighter and injured four other people.
Growth in tourism and population has led local governments to set aside tax dollars to boost federal agencies.
"The right leadership must be in place to create an atmosphere in which employees can perform their very best work.”
The eaglets face a frosty night in San Bernardino National Forest.
The Alaska senator is sneakily collaborating with the Trump administration in eliminating protections and handing sacred land to corporations.
Climate change could spread Southern pine beetles as far north as Canada, a new study finds.
Novel solutions have emerged that could unlock forest restoration investment.
Wildfires are getting worse, but the budget for fighting them could be slashed.
The answer to stemming the flow of migrants from troubled countries is not concrete walls and stricter laws – as British
The friendly, trustworthy bear that reminds you to put out campfires just pulled a fast one on us -- and we're spooked. In
Bears here, bears there, bears everywhere! A black bear was spotted digging through a trash can outside of a home in Glendale