United States House Committee on Financial Services

The host of political comedy show "Patriot Act" previously recorded an episode breaking down the confusing issue of the rising student loan crisis in the U.S.
House Democrats warned that, without oversight, the digital currency could quickly become "too big to fail.”
"No other bank would lend him money. We want to understand that relationship," the congresswoman tells Chris Hayes.
House lawmakers slammed the effort, saying it was "designed to put off meaningful accountability as long as possible."
Congress has long exempted its own members from laws and regulations it imposed on all others. Most recently, this we-are
A bill from Sen. Mark Warner envisions a future when anyone could get a predatory loan at 380 percent interest.
Privacy laws don't apply to Congressional requests to release information, they say in a letter to the bank.
House Financial Services Committee members seek possible money links.
An "enormous package of gifts for Wall Street and the worst actors in finance” passed in a House committee Thursday.
Just beyond the Trump swelter of the hour, lawmakers have been busy concocting plans to dismantle key achievements of the