United States House Committee on the Budget

They didn't, really. House leaders had already set the spending plan in motion.
More growing pains for the new House majority.
After a Cabinet meeting, the White House sent a press release touting praise of Trump from the people who work for him.
It took us 18 tries to find a GOP congressman who could tell us the individual income tax brackets.
With their latest tax proposal, self-proclaimed "deficit hawks" will spur a system further favoring the wealthy by reneging on their principles now.
“For all of us in public media, we have linked arms to make an effective case because we know what’s at risk if that funding disappears."
They don't call out Republicans by name, but the letter's target is obvious.
The House Budget Committee has just rolled out a first pass at a new federal budget titled Building a Better America. People
The GOP is having a nasty family feud over the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.