United States National Guard

Two protesters were killed in Kenosha because "citizens took matters into their own hands," the Wisconsin senator told CNN's Dana Bash.
Gov. Tim Walz declared a peacetime emergency in Minneapolis, but did not say how many troops were being deployed.
A 17-year-old from Illinois has been charged in a shooting that left two dead and another injured.
People were protesting peacefully before federal forces used tear gas to clear them from the square before Trump's photo shoot, Maj. Adam DeMarco said.
The officer's account of action against Americans exercising their First Amendment rights in D.C.'s Lafayette Square directly contradicts William Barr.
The attorney general has insisted that the White House crowd was violent before he ordered an aggressive clearing of the area where Trump staged a photo-op.
The president warned that the troops can "quickly return" if needed.
Military officials also ordered use of two Army National Guard helicopters to intimidate civilians in Washington, D.C., sources told The New York Times.
The helicopter, normally designated for use in medical evacuations, hovered low enough to create a deafening noise outside the White House.
"Let the revolution be televised. March beside us and show us that you’re here for us," the "Hustlers" actor told the troops during a protest in Los Angeles.