United States National Security Council

Several top officials with potentially valuable knowledge have refused to come to Capitol Hill.
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said he believes Trump offered Ukraine little choice if it wanted to receive U.S. military aid.
Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and adviser Jennifer Williams heard the July 25 phone call for themselves.
Tim Morrison, a former National Security Council aide, told impeachment investigators about revealing conversations with Ambassador Gordon Sondland.
Transcripts of testimonies from Tim Morrison and Jennifer Williams provide fresh details for the impeachment inquiry.
John Eisenberg is one of four White House witnesses subpoenaed for House testimony Monday. None of them are expected to appear.
The Ukraine expert reportedly testified that the NSC's top legal adviser told him not to share his concerns with anyone.
The former national security adviser was openly troubled by Trump's approach to Ukraine.
Christopher Anderson, a State Department official, will testify that he was warned of Rudy Giuliani’s back-channel involvement in Ukraine policy.
Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, is set to testify in the impeachment inquiry against Trump.
Fiona Hill told impeachment investigators of fears raised by Gordon Sondland’s naive actions, The New York Times wrote.
The president made the reported request as House lawmakers intensify their impeachment probe into his communications with Ukraine.
A whistleblower alleged that White House officials moved records to protect politically sensitive information.
The White House adviser has claimed Earth is in the midst of a “CO2 famine."
The oil industry hatched a plan to recruit scientists to sow doubt about the climate change threat. The White House carries that torch.
Trump’s explanation for why he canceled a missile strike on Iran raises serious questions about his National Security Council decision-making process.
President Trump originally picked Crowley to be the National Security Council's communications director, but she resigned after plagiarism allegations.
Various government agencies have been at work to ensure safe voting, but Trump himself rarely talks about the issue.
Martese Edwards was arrested as he came into work on Tuesday.