United States Naval Academy

The president mocked the late GOP senator's grades at the U.S. Naval Academy.
The late senator picked the historic site overlooking the Severn River, not Arlington National Cemetery, where his father and grandfather were buried.
Because you can't love anything until you can love yourself.
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Lone Survivor, the new film recounting an ill-fated search and rescue attempt in Afghanistan, has a tragic connection with my school. Lt. Cmdr. Erik S. Kristensen, a Navy SEAL, received a master's degree from our Graduate Institute.
It was not a gay couple nor a lesbian couple who were denied a wedding at the United States Naval Academy Main Chapel (Main Chapel), but a straight one. Why? Simply because they are Humanists.
Annapolis Naval Academy freshmen make a human wall to climb the Herndon Monument which is covered with lard in Annapolis
Not all colleges have parties where students do keg-stands with abandon. According to the Princeton Review, the schools listed