United States Navy

Naval authorities call the objects in the footage "unidentified aerial phenomena."
The briefings reviewed “efforts to understand and identify these threats” to air crew members, a Navy spokesperson said.
Vice President Mike Pence swore in the former chairman of the Republican National Committee.
The acting White House chief of staff said it would be "silly" to fire someone for trying to protect Trump's feelings.
The request was made in preparation for President Donald Trump's visit to Japan.
In a New York Times report, U.S. Navy pilots described the unidentified objects they’ve encountered in the skies.
Navy pilots in recent years have discussed seeing "strange objects" with no visible engines or exhaust plumes flying up to 30,000 feet in the air.
The move "spits on the honor of the U.S. Navy and every single one of us who served with distinction and conviction to our oaths," a vet said on Twitter.
One woman told investigators the lists made “her question all males on the boat."
No foul play is suspected in the vice-admiral's death, Navy officials said.
The ship already honored McCain's grandfather and father, who were both admirals.
An order to use nuclear weapons ― except possibly in an extreme circumstance of self-defense when the survival of the nation is at stake ― would be an unlawful order.
The U.S. Seventh Fleet says search and rescue efforts are under way.
Congress must retain the power to authorize war, which is what the framers intended.
A contractor named "Fat Leonard" provided wild times for classified information, the government says.