United States Navy SEALs

Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher will return to court Wednesday where jurors will decide whether he should serve jail time for posing with an Islamic State captive's corpse.
A witness said he asphyxiated a teenage Islamic State prisoner after Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher unexpectedly stabbed him.
Trump is considering pardoning Gallagher, who faces trial for murdering an Islamic State prisoner in his care and attempting to murder civilians.
Rep. Duncan Hunter attempted to downplay charges filed against Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, saying he did "one bad thing that I'm guilty of too."
Their alleged crimes include killing young children and burning bodies.
The move "spits on the honor of the U.S. Navy and every single one of us who served with distinction and conviction to our oaths," a vet said on Twitter.
Critics say deployments of special operation forces — including Navy SEALs — are almost always classified events.
New dramatic footage shows Thai navy seals rescuing the trapped boys, who are now recovering in the hospital.
Samarn Poonan, a former member of Thailand’s elite Navy SEAL unit, died from lack of oxygen.
“I’ve been shot at before. I’m very comfortable with it," the Interior secretary and former Navy SEAL said.
Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar may have died from strangulation.
He's sick. Again. This time, it starts off as a mild fever--teething perhaps--but quickly turns into something more. Spots
People who get things done are willing to embrace the suck and keep coming back for more.
In over 10 years of tracking and calling out the group, I thought I had seen the full length of its audacity. Apparently I hadn’t.
"I fought for America… Why not fight for me?” retired Navy SEAL Kristin Beck says.