United States Olympic Committee

USOC is "building plans" to ensure that gymnasts have the necessary support "to excel on and off the field."
Sarah Hirshland is currently the chief commercial officer for the U.S. Golf Association.
The heads of the U.S. Olympic Committee and several sports organizations engulfed in sexual abuse scandals faced grilling from a House committee.
Most athletes experience post-Olympics depression, he said, and they need more help.
Gymnastics was just the beginning of the rot in our youth sports culture.
Two senators were among those calling for his resignation as widespread sexual abuse of athletes came to light.
The network's executive editor laments U.S. Olympics' highlighting of its diverse group of athletes.
He's already been sentenced to 40 to 175 years on other abuse charges.
Independent investigators are scrutinizing the institutions that survivors and their families say knew about his abuse but tried to cover it up.
Generations of children were failed by the adults and institutions they trusted.
"It’s very hard for me to trust some other people," the gymnast said.
“How a serial predator like Dr. Nassar could have preyed on so many young girls for a long time in such a flagrant fashion is appalling."
The Olympic gymnast wants every staff member who knew of Larry Nassar's history of abuse to be forced out of the organization.
Capitol Hill lawmakers want to find out how much sports officials knew about Nassar and other accused sexual predators.
If the board's 21 directors don't resign by Wednesday, the organization will lose its certification.
The Olympic gymnast said USA Gymnastics and others need to be held accountable for Nassar's abuses, too.