United States presidential election

An analysis by Time’s Up of the past two decades of presidential primary debates shows a huge lack of diversity among moderators.
As Democrats eye their 2020 White House candidates, it's best to recall that the "electability" path is littered with the bodies of losers.
The Golden State wants to shake up the 2020 primaries, but it might prove a footnote once more.
The party alleged that top officials in Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia to hurt Hillary Clinton .
We don’t know what Trump will do in power. But we do know how he got there.
The former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. called the reported Russia hack "an attack on our constitutional system.”
The report included samples of malicious computer code.
With Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell welcoming the move, it would be politically difficult for Donald Trump to reverse it.
The hack evolved from a more general effort to undermine American democracy.
"Washington is responsive to the people who got them in power," said McGehee. "You know the old saying, 'He who pays the