United States Secret Service

An Air Force officer with the powerful "football" was hustled to safety right behind the vice president as violent Trump supporters roamed the building.
Scott Fairlamb, a former ultimate fighter, got pulled into the "conspiracy theory vortex," one associate said.
The joke was said during the comedian's opening monologue during the “Saturday Night Live” broadcast on Feb. 29, 2020.
A Washington Post report revealed that agents had to go to extraordinary lengths to relieve themselves — including using a bathroom in the Obamas' nearby garage.
One agent took a leave to help arrange Trump's controversial Bible photo op in June when peaceful protesters were attacked by federal officers.
The president's neighbors in Florida have reportedly asked him not to move there.
The Washington Post reports that most of the sick or quarantined are in charge of protecting the president and the White House.
The contracts ― the larger of which can be canceled if Trump loses reelection ― come as the president returns to his money-losing Doral resort Thursday evening.
Joseph Petro also criticized Secret Service management for failing to protect agents from COVID-19 in a stinging op-ed for The Washington Post.
Staffers at the White House continue showing up for work in a coronavirus hot spot, with more than a dozen known cases this week alone.