United States Secret Service

Reporters in the briefing room said the president was led out by a Secret Service agent. A shooting about a block away left an agent and "male subject" injured.
The vice president's visit was put off by a day when agents started displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
Agents who attended Trump's Oklahoma rally Saturday were reportedly instructed to isolate after two officers tested positive for the coronavirus.
The agency reversed its previous claim, days after Park Police did the same.
The president evokes the notorious Nazi paramilitary group as he hails the Secret Service's role in breaking up an anti-racism protest.
The president's son apparently hunted with a major GOP donor and bagged a rare sheep.
He was being protected from protesters, the attorney general reveals in a Fox News interview.
New figures for Bedminster highlight the taxpayers' growing tab for the president's frequent outings to his own clubs.
Besides the current cases, 23 members of the Secret Service have recovered from COVID-19 while an additional 60 employees are self-quarantining.
The president held a big party, keeps touching people, and now is all set to return to the golf course despite social distancing guidelines.