United States Secretary of Education

“Ivanka was like, ‘Come on, dude. You gotta do it,'" Falwell told Vanity Fair.
The Connecticut native will be charged with helping tackle a range of challenges schools face amid COVID-19.
Cardona currently serves as commissioner of education in Connecticut.
The appointee would take over during a time of unprecedented upheaval in schools.
The Massachusetts lawmaker challenged the education secretary to "say this to my face."
Former Education Secretary Julia Keleher was among six Puerto Rican officials accused of steering federal money to unqualified, politically connected contractors.
Speaking before a crowd of teachers on Monday, Warren described her past as an educator and promised to make a teacher the secretary of education.
In two weeks, the president walked back moves made by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the Treasury Department.
The CNN host couldn’t get over the education secretary’s “epic non-response” to questions about cutting money for the Special Olympics.
The actress and activist gave the education secretary the Grinch treatment to protest the DOE’s proposed changes to Title IX guidelines.