United States Secretary of the Interior

"No longer do Indigenous people have to occupy a site to get the attention of the government,” said the interior secretary.
President Joe Biden's historic nominee picked up more Republican support ahead of her final confirmation vote.
Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined Democrats in advancing Biden's historic pick to lead the agency.
The Maine senator is the first Republican to support Biden's historic pick to lead the federal agency with oversight of public lands and tribal obligations.
"Republicans, by the way, are guided by science," Sen. Bill Cassidy told the Native American congresswoman, despite his past vote rejecting climate science.
Turns out that Deb Haaland, a Native American lawmaker determined to tackle climate change, scares Republicans bankrolled by the oil and gas industry.
The congresswoman from New Mexico would make history as the first Native American to serve as the top steward of America's public lands and waters.
At least two other top Interior Department officials have contracted the coronavirus in recent weeks.
Haaland would be "an excellent choice," said the speaker, amid reports that she resisted losing another House Democrat to the new administration.
Nothing is final yet, but the Native American congresswoman "has strong support" for the job, said a source familiar with the selection process.