United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

While North Korea has denied involvement, it has been linked to a slew of prominent cyberattacks in recent years.
Intelligence committee finds "grave counterintelligence threat" but Trump’s 2020 campaign continues to claim "no collusion" and to call the investigations "a hoax."
The Florida senator will temporarily replace Burr, who is under federal investigation for his recent stock sales, as chairman of the committee.
The Republican senator is under investigation for selling stocks after attending a briefing on the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
The powerful Republican sold between $628,000 and $1.72 million worth of holdings as the coronavirus pandemic first began to spread around the U.S.
There is no NOBEL prize for reported stories, but when Trump was called on the error, he tweeted: "Does sarcasm ever work?"
The Kremlin favored Trump in the 2016 election, the Senate Intelligence Committee affirmed in a new report.
In a statement, Michael Atkinson said he "faithfully discharged my legal obligation as an independent and impartial Inspector General."
Intelligence Chair Richard Burr’s selloff came around the time he was receiving daily briefings on the health threat.
Graham plans to investigate Ukraine operation at Senate Intelligence Committee after Trump's impeachment trial is over.