United Teachers Los Angeles

The nation’s second-largest school district could reopen classrooms next month under a tentative deal announced Tuesday with the teachers union.
Far more teachers are donating to the Vermont senator than any other presidential candidate, new data shows.
The strike lasted six school days and affected nearly half a million students.
Teachers at traditional L.A. public schools aren't the only ones striking. So are educators from charter schools.
Leaders say the strike is a fight for the future of public education.
Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are among the likely presidential contenders supporting the strike.
Most news stories focus on salary-related issues. But that’s not our sticking point.
“I feel like it’s not just about the teachers, it’s about everyone,” said a student at the nation's second-largest school district.
The outcome of the union fight could help determine the future of Democratic Party politics.