During his State Of The Union address, Trump appeared to take credit for the historic number of women in Congress.
The California Unity Center is a regional response to national concerns about freedom and equality.
As the keynote speaker for Brooklyn College’s commencement ceremony, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) addressed students on the importance of standing together in the face of dividing forces.
It has been heartening to see people's activism, realizing that we cannot take our freedoms for granted. This process can make clearer our vision as Americans.
We take the hate bait. And then we share the hate bait -- we tweet it, post it, talk about it. Some of us live for it. We
Getting to one nation will be a tall order.
Jay Shetty discusses the need to build, repair, and embrace our relationships with family, friends, and even complete strangers this holiday season.
America's agenda is being driven not by the values of the Constitution but by the politics of prejudice, posturing, and posing. America is in peril, and we must take the lead in saving it, preaching a message of justice and compassion. But we must do more than preach.
Wearing a safety pin doesn't help anyone. While the intention was commendable, there is no solidarity without strategy.
We wrote our first Thanksgiving blog for the Huffington Post in 2012 shortly after the presidential election of that year
10. Move on. When the conflict is resolved you can either 1) embrace the solution knowing you may need to tweak it one day
3. Park your social media game - Along those same lines, the time for waging war on Facebook and other social media is over
We ought to be encouraging teachers to teach values --embracing the good that America represents in its grandest ideals -- and to empower our children to spread them before it's too late.
You are all my sisters and my brothers and I am overwhelmed right now. So although I'm not Catholic, today I will go and light a candle for you, praying to the God Who Sees. Tomorrow and hereon after, I will work harder to leverage my privilege for you.
"We're not just going to be using VR and AR to make games," said Parisi. "We're going to tell stories and create worlds. We're
You have never truly heard of Hussein, Karbala, or Ashura, and you probably didn't need to. No, this time in Islamic and global history never meant anything, until now.