We have made it through the commemorations of the last 10 years and perhaps we can now say that we will never forget. But first, a traffic light to guide us as we become a 9/12 community.
Incendiary rhetoric and actions governed how our entire nation responded to Sept. 11. So it's no surprise that the Republican presidential candidates, mirrored that kind of language last night.
There were few physical similarities among the kids and their experiences -- cultural, social, familial -- were divergent as well. Yet, they shared a common denominator: their birth year, 2001.
It is our prayer that this document might be helpful to others in strengthening their commitment to religious pluralism, to justice, and to the healing of our broken and beautiful world.
The evidence of our times is harsh. Still, I have hope. It is hope born out of my faith and from the experience of living through the last decade.
Let us respectfully remember all impacted by the 9/11 tragedy. As we move forward let us remember the multi-historical facets of 9/11.
In a world splintered by polarization, our core teachings call us to a spirituality of inclusivity, a spirituality that supports us in walking oneness, love and compassion into the world we share.
How is it that both greater freedom and hate-filled intolerance resulted from the attacks of 9/11? We must acknowledge the wound inflicted on this day have not healed, but festered.
The memory of 9/11 is a spark of conscience and a spur to action. Let us all fuel this rising movement, which is not about single issues or political parties, but a shared moral vision for a better world.